What do we strive
 to Provide?
  • At Ralphland Care Home we strive to provide a warm, friendly and stimulated environment for all. We offer activities, independence and most importantly the choice to live lives the way they really want to.

  • We provide relationship centred care, which means we build a relationship with every resident, listening to their stories and learning about their lives, to create a picture of the whole person. We are committed to providing every resident with individual personalised care and attention in a safe, homely and warm environment. We offer a high standard of service and care, for both long and short term residents.

  • Our skilled and dedicated staff put the happiness and well-being of our residents first. They work with you, your family and other care professionals to give you a safe and comfortable home that meets your needs.

  • The care staff are supportive and knowledgeable in differing forms of dementia and work in a positive partnership with external professionals, individual families, and friends. They encourage choice and involvement to a level with which the individual can cope.

Ralphland Care Home has been busy during this awful pandemic and is having a makeover. We have a beautiful new entrance hallway which hopefully we will be able to show you personally when we are fully open for visits again. The corridors are slowly being upgraded to be more dementia-friendly and tactile therefore using more of the senses.

The Staff and Residents have all looked after each other and supported one another during this time.

Lockdown has been an emotional rollercoaster for everyone and as such we have had to be extremely cautious before opening our doors to our families and loved ones, the rules change so much, and yet through it all we have managed to keep this awful pandemic out, everyone working together to keep each other safe.

Our residents have gotten used to seeing us in our masks or visor, they understand the seriousness of this virus and that this is why we have had to take extra precautions and encourage more handwashing, the extra PPE needed to be worn when carrying out personal care.

It is so lovely to see more of our families visiting now that the rules are easing. We are allowing five named visitors per resident ( must be just two people each visit until we have further government & county council guidelines).
We will be using the upstairs lounge again for visiting as there is a separate stairway that leads directly to it and therefore will be safe from being amongst our other residents.
A lateral flow test will be carried out prior to the visit, it is very much like the covid test that everyone has possibly had by now and takes only 20-30 mins before the result is revealed. 
There are three visiting slots per day at the moment, please telephone the main office to ensure you can get booked. 
Visiting times are:
 10:30 to 11:30 am, 14:30 to 15:30, 18:30 to 19:30
Manager: Evangeline Girling
There is an Open Door policy at Ralphland Care Home and staff, residents, or families alike are always warmly welcomed.
If you have any concerns, compliments, or wish to have a meeting, then please either telephone or email to:
01205 722223
We look forward to hearing from you.



Our Mission 


Our mission is to provide Residential and Respite Care for older people and for older people with Dementia.

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